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It is compulsory under the Planning Regulations that a developer must obtain Planning Permit before embarking on physical development. So also the Planning Permit granted can be revoked in part or whole under the following conditions if:(click here for more) There are several reasons by which Planning Permit grated a developer or owner can be nullified. Here are the reasons below according to the Planning Permit Regulation 2019

Conditions for revocation of Planning Permit

  1. The Planning Permit was obtained fraudulently;
  2. The proposed development and uses for which the Planning Permit was granted are no longer appropriate;
  3. The site for which the Planning Permit was granted is required for an overriding public purpose;
  4. If the Developer or Owner of the Planning Permit has developed in excess of the approval granted or, has not complied with the terms and conditions under which the permit was granted;
  5. The permitted development or use has been modified, altered, varied, added to or renovated without Permit;(click here for more)
  6. The permitted development has not complied with building control standards.

Notice of Revocation of the Planning Permit shall be communicated in writing to the developer, or his proxy stating the reason(s) for the revocation. Immediately this is communicated to the developer, the Planning Permit is nullified. The building built with it becomes illegal.

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