Prospective Developers, Land Owners, Individuals, Building contractors and some members of the public are not aware of some facts in the construction Laws and Regulations guiding building developments. These construction Laws and the Regulations are not adhere to because of their ignorance. Here are some hidden facts in the construction Laws and Regulations that must be known and adhere to.

1. The life span of Planning Permit

Planning Permit expires after two years if the construction or development did not commence – It must be invalidated. (see how to revalidate your plan in the next article)

2.Erection of a Project site board

It is an offence to start construction without displaying the Project Site Board – Always ensure that the project site board is display at every project site. It contains useful information such as:

  1. Planning Permit numbers;
  2. Title of the project;
  3. Names and addresses of the Professionals/Consultants appointed for the project;
  4. Name and address of the main contractor;
  5. Number of floors approved, inclusive of the ground floor;
  6. Project duration;
  7. Safety and health coordinator; and
  8. Quality control consultant.

3.Land search

Are you aware that some of the land sold by some land speculators and families cannot be granted approvals thus, cannot be developed? :- Ensure that proper search of the property to be acquired is conducted before payments. (click)

4.Retrieval of lost Planning Permit

The lost Planning Permit can be retrieved if all details pertaining to the plan are available – Lost or misplaced Planning Permit duly registered can be retrieved if information such as Name, Date, Permit number, etc. are available.

5. Building alterations

No building should be altered or added to, repaired, or renovated in Lagos State without the grant of Planning Permit? (click)

6.Planning Permit assignment

Did you know that Planning Permit or Building Plan Approval can not be assigned to another person or used on another plot owned by the same person? Be prepared to get your own Planning Permit on your own name and at a specified location.

7.Building setbacks

Did you know that the mandatory setbacks and the air spaces on your property are for your own advantages? They provide access for future road expansion, firefighting, parking, etc.(click)

8.Property line recession

Are you aware that for Landscaping or Beautification purposes and Drainage construction a minimum of 900 mm should recess your property line abutting the road? Ensure that you leave this space when erecting your wall fence.


Are you aware that the construction Laws and Regulations permit commercial developments in commercial zones? Most shops found within nooks and crannies of the State attached to the wall fences of individual plots are illegal.

The picture is showing a high rise building that requires all risk insurance policy as stated in the construction laws and regulations

10. Insurance policy

Are you aware that for any construction above two (2) floors, Developer or Owner of the structure is required to submit an Insurance Policy and a Public Liability Policy to cover the risk of bodily harm, loss of life and damage to property of workmen on site and members of the public in the surrounding?. please ensure compliance.


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