Do you know that you cannot demolish your old building for a new one without obtaining a Demolition Permit from LASPPPA? Are you aware of the steps to follow in obtaining a Demolition permit and carrying out the demolition work? if no, lend me your ear.

The life of a building is likened to that of human life. It came to being, live, die, and decay. The building that one cherishes and admire today becomes obsolete tomorrow.

The moment a building is identified to be distressed, no longer serviceable and habitable; or considered to be outdated by the owner and ready to be demolished, the demolition of such building should follow the extant Building Regulations.

A Demolition Permit: is an official authorization to pull down and remove an existing structure.

Developer or applicants who intend to demolish any existing structure will write and submit an application to the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) for the issuance of a Demolition Permit with the following documents:

  1. Certified True Copy (CTC) of the title document with a copy of the Survey Plan;
  2. Photograph of the existing structure to be demolished with the current date and time;
  3. Sworn affidavit indemnifying the Lagos State Government, Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority(LASPPPA), and Lagos State Building Control Agency against any litigation;
  4. Means of identification of the applicant seeking for the Demolition Permit;
  5. Sworn affidavit with the Applicant’s or Agent photograph pasted;
  6. Payments of the prescribed fees to the Government coffer as a Demolition Permit fee;
  7. If the property is owned by corporate organizations, a copy of the CAC is necessary as well as the passport photographs of two members of the organization.

It is important to note that, demolition of an old structure(s) on-site for the construction of a new one without a Demolition Permit from Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) is illegal.

Steps involved in granting the Demolition Permit by LASPPPA

a. Applicant or developer submits written application for a demolition permit to the LASPPPA office;

b. The site is visited by an officer from LASPPPA with the applicant for the visual appraisal;

c. During the visit, He or she takes necessary photographs, does the site sketches and locational plan; relates and confirms the Beacons on the Survey Plan with that at the site for conformity. 4.The officer observes if the building to be demolished is occupied or vacated.

d. He or she prepares the site report and passes the file to the next superior officer;

e. Sometimes, the file may be forwarded to the Legal officer for further input and advice particularly in the area of the title documents for verification to avert litigation;

f. Payment advice slip is issued to the applicant for payment at any of the Government designated Banks;

g. Applicant brings back the payment receipt for re-confirmation by the account officer.

h. A superior officer in the LASPPPA office also peruse and appraise all the documents submitted by the applicant and the site inspection report earlier written.  If found to be okay, He or she recommends them to the General Manager for consideration for the grant of the Demolition Permit approval.

i. Once the application has been approved by the General Manager, a Demolition Permit Letter is prepared for the applicant for collection.

What a Developer or Applicant should do before demolition work

1. Applicant or developer proceeds to the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) with the Demolition Permit to give notice of intention to commence Demolition,

2. He or she should engage the service of a Registered Civil or Structural Engineer to supervise the demolition work to ensure safety precaution.

3.The developer ensures his/her liability in respect of Demolition risks and submits a certified true copy (C.T.C) of the insurance policy certification with the Demolition Permit to LASBCA.

4.The developer would ensure that the building to be demolished is vacated.

5. The Developer shouldn’t misconstrue the Demolition Permit for a Planning Permit and an approval to carry out re-development on the subject site for the proposed redevelopment.

6. The Demolition Permit granted expires within six (6) months if the Demolition work is not carried out unless revalidated by the Authority.  

7. The debris of the demolition must be carted away immediately.

Why do we need a Demolition Permit?

1.To ensure that the legal owner is the one proposing the Demolition.

2.To forestall demolition of buildings of historical importance.

3. To ensure that the building are safely demolished without hindrance to adjacent structures.


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