1. How do I apply for Planning Permit?

All applications for Planning Permit shall be submitted in hard copy and soft copy through on-line e-Planning Permit website https//epp.lagosstate.gov.ng or submission of the same in hard copy to the District office where the plot is situated.

2. What is the e-Planning Permit?

e-Planning permit is a shift from the manual Planning Permit system to electronic system support information and communication for online Planning Permit. It is aimed at making development permits easier and faster by the use of computer systems that evaluate and process building applications.

3. What documents are required for the issuance of Planning Permit?

The following documents are required for the processing of planning permit:

  1. 5 sets of Architectural and Structural Drawings
  2. Title documents (C of O, Consent, Purchase receipt)
  3. Evidence of Tax payment
  4. Read more on … Click here

4. Why do I need the Planning Permit?

There are various reasons why you need a Planning Permit. Some of which are:

  1. to ensure that structure gets built in the right place.
  2. to balance the development in the State.
  3. to ensure that development and growth are environmentally sustainable.

5. Who grants Planning Permit?

The District Officer of the District Town Planning Offices grants Planning permit within their areas of jurisdiction with clearance from and concurrence approval of the General Manager, Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development and Mr. Governor as applicable.


6. Why the Layout Plan

The Development of any land in Lagos State in excess of 10,000 square meters OR I hectare in size shall compulsorily be schemed into a Layout either for the Public or Private use in accordance with the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law 2010. There are two types of approvals for Layout Plan:(1) Provisional Layout approval and (2) Final Layout approval.

7. Requirements for the grant of Provisional Layout Approval.

1. Application letter addressed to the Honorable Commissioner.
2. N250,000.00( Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira only)Bank Draft in favour of Lagos Government as Registration fee.
3. One (1) copy of Original perimeter Survey Plan signed by Licenced Land Surveyor in UTM Coordinates showing other physical features.
4. Aerial/Auto photo of the site showing the surrounding physical features.
5. Two (2) copies of the Layout Plan on Topographical Map prepared, stamped, signed and sealed by a Town Planner Registered to practice in Nigeria.
6. Contour Map of not less than 3 meters intervals
7. Topographical Map showing Spot height.
8. 3D Contour Map.
9. Locational Plan.
10. A soft copy of the Layout Plan.
11. Technical Report(Prepared, Signed and Sealed by a Registered Town Planner)
12. Sub-soil investigation Report(Signed and Sealed by a COREN Registered Engineer).
13. Title Document(Certified true copy).
14. Copy of Gazette for an exercised village (Certified true copy)
15. Company’s Registration Certificate.
16. Directors Tax Clearance Certificate/ Development charge.
17. Evidence of remittance of Payee deduction to the State.

Note: Within six months of the grant of the Provisional Layout approval, one is expected to apply for Final Approval.

8. Requirements for the grant of Final Layout Approval.

1. Application letter addressed to the Honorable Commissioner.
2. One(1) copy of the approved Layout plan(Hard copy).
3. Engineering Report on:
a). Wastewater,
b). Water supply.
c). Road Network and Drains.
d). Electrical Design.
e). Solid Waste Disposal Plan.
f). Drainage Design.
4. Communication.
5. CCTV.
6. Beacon Sheet of the entire Layout
7. Approval Order.




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