This is a fully completed house with requisite Planning Permit. Ready to be occupied by the owner.
Photo by Expect Best from Pexels

It is hard and sad to believe that some developers or owners of a building with Planning Permit did not know the requisite documents to process their Planning Permit not to mention those that haven’t obtained theirs. As a result they found it difficult to authenticate documents received from their consultant. This has lead to serious dispute between them.

In view of the above, it is consider necessary to itemise all the requisite documents for the processing of Planning Permit application from the Lagos State Government. Here is the list of requisite documents necessary for the processing of the application and grant of Planning Permit. (for more click)

a.Survey Plan

Survey Plan is usually prepared by a Registered Surveyor. It shows the length and breadth of the site, the area covered, the Beacon or the Pillar numbers, location, name of the owner, date with reference numbers, etc.

b.Title Document

This is proof that showed that the subject site belongs to the claimants. It could be in terms of a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O),  Governor’s consent, Deemed Grant Consent, Land certificate, etc;(click for more)

c.Architectural and Engineering drawings

The architectural design, structural drawing with the calculation sheet of the proposed building prepared by the Architect and the Engineer respectively. However, Mechanical and Electrical drawings are required if the building is above three floors. Moreso, Letter of Structural stability or Non- Destructive Integrity test (NDIT) is needed to attest to the structural fitness of the building if it is existing.

d. Soil test reports

The soil test report is required for development above 2 floors. This will assist the Structural Engineer in designing the best foundation that will support the structure.

e. Physical Planning Technical Report (PPTR)

These reports Physical Planning Technical Report(PPTR); Environmental Impact Analysis(EIA), and Transport Impact Analysis (TIA) are prepared to evaluate the Physical, Social, Economic, and Environmental impact of a proposed project. its accompany large commercial project or residential development in excess of 8 units.

f. Others

  1. Receipts of all prescribed Government fees paid;
  2. Evidence of tax payments;
  3. Clearance letters from relevant MDAs such as NTDA, LUAC, LSDPC, etc.(where applicable);
  4. Land use charge;
  5. N100 Development levy;
  6. Affidavit;
  7. Passport photograph of the applicant;
  8. Photograph of the site;
  9. Approved Layout Plan of the area (where applicable) (click for existing old structures)


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