The picture is shown the space requirements for building design.
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Introduction to space requirements for designs.

Access to basic information on the minimum requirements for design or space standards and it’s compliance by the prospective Building Designers in the built environment had affected the smooth screening of the proposed application for Planning Permit. Applications for Planning Permit at the pre-screening stage are sometimes rejected whenever they fall short of minimum standards required. Thus, the need to redesign to conform.(click)

Below is the list of minimum space standards required for compliance by the Designers (click for planning Permit requirements)

1. Space requirement for a habitable room.

The space requirements for all habitable rooms except servant rooms shall not be less than 10.8sqm with no side that shall be less than 2.7 metres.

2. Space requirement for servant room.

The area of all servant rooms shall not be less than 8sqm with no side that shall be less than two (2)metres.

3. Space requirements for hostel

The habitable room for hostel accommodation shall not be less than 8sqm for one (1) person and 12sqm for a maximum of four (4) persons.

4. Space requirements for the rooms.

Space requirement for every room in a building shall be provided with the following: (a) natural lighting by means of windows; (b) cross-ventilation by means of windows as practically as possible except in high rise buildings, party wall buildings or hotel facilities; and (c) habitable rooms shall be adequately and functionally ventilated.

5. Space for toilets

In every public, institutional and commercial building, for every 40 square metres of lettable space, two (2) toilet facilities (one for male and one for female) shall be provided.
Toilet facilities for male and female in public, institutional and commercial buildings shall be separated with specific provisions for people living with disabilities.
Where only one (1) toilet and one (1) bath provision exists in a dwelling unit each facility shall be separated. Minimum floor area for toilet and bath facilities shall not be less than 0.9m x 1.8m (i.e. 1.62sqm), if separated, or if combined 1.5m x 2.0m (3sqm).

6. Space requirements for kitchen

The minimum floor area provision for kitchen facility shall not be less than 1.8 metres x 3 metres (i.e. 5.4sqm) and 1.5m x1.5 m or 2.25sqm for a kitchenette. Also, a space of 1.8m x 2.0m (3.6m2) shall be provided at every floor for a maximum of four (4) persons of hostel accommodation.

7. Height requirements

The minimum height of living rooms, kitchen and all other rooms in a building shall not be less than 2.7metres provided that beams, trusses and similar supporting structures extending below the level of ceiling shall not be such as to reduce the height below 2.7metres at any point.

8. Emergency exit

In all developments, adequate emergency exits shall be provided and doors open outward.

9. Staircase

A minimum of two (2) staircases shall be provided for any development of more than one unit on the same floor above the ground floor and the width of each of the staircases shall not be less than –
(i) 0.9 metre for two (2) floors;
(ii) one (1) metre for more than two (2) floors (both residential); and
(iii) 1.2 metres for commercial, institutional and public exclusive of handrail for which shall be a provision of 0.2 metre or 200mm.

10. Riser and Thread.

In all cases, the width of riser shall be less than the width of the thread. The risers of all stairs shall be uniform and be between 150mm and 175mm while the thread, shall not be less than 250mm. Generally, twice the sum of the risers added to the thread shall be equal to or more than Five Hundred (500) and less to or equal to 700mm (Seven Hundred).

11. Straight flight staircase.

A straight flight staircase shall have a mid landing after a maximum of ten (10) risers.

12. Spiral staircase.

Spiral staircase of a minimum of 0.9 metres shall be permissible for a building of not more than three (3) floors and must not encroach into the airspaces and setback.

13. Fence

The maximum height of a fence abutting any road shall not be more than 1.5 metres made up of block wall of 900mm high topped with an iron grill of 900mm high.


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