Building constructed with the electronic planning Permit.

A. Introduction

It is a must that all developers or owners of a building to obtain a Planning Permit before embarking on such development from the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority. The manual procedure of obtaining this Planning Permit had earlier been explained in one of our posts. (click).  To make life meaningful and comfortable for the people especially for the Nigerians in the diaspora who may want to register, apply and obtain their Planning Permit at their comfort zones, the Lagos State Government has stepped up the procedure through the introduction of Electronic-Planning Permit System (epp) or computerized Planning Permit procedure. 

The Electronic Planning Permit (epp) is an online planning permit procedure where the applicant’s or its agents  register and log on to the Lagos State e-Planning Permit Portal 

B. Requirements for the processing of Electronic Planning Permit (epp).

The following documents and payment are required for the processing of e-Planning Permit (click)

i. Sun print copy of Survey Plan

ii. Proof of Ownership-

Which includes any or more of the following:

  1. Certified True Copy of Certificate of Occupancy / Land Certificate
  2. Governor Consent on lease/assignment/land conveyance/ any other instrument recognized by law;
  3. Certified True Copy of former Owner’s Title in case of Governor’s Consent (the root of Title);
  4. Stamp Duty Receipt of Land Purchase;
  5. All Evidence of Payment for Title Document Processing;
  6. Evidence of payment of land use charge
  7. Certificate of Incorporation of Company (where applicable).

iii. Architectural drawings 

iv. Processing fees:

  1. Part Payment Fee (Screening Fee): For document verification /screening Applicant will pay a non-refundable fee of N10,000.00;
  2. Payment of Balance of Processing Fee: Applicant will pay a specified amount before an application can be processed further. The amount will be determined after a successful screening of application/documents and Part Payment Fee will be deducted;
  3. Receipts of other statutory charges (Stage Certification Fee) will be attached accordingly.

v. Engineering drawings:

This includes Structural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings.(where applicable).

vi. Tax Papers:

Evidence of payment of Company and Personal Taxes viz;

a. For Individuals, Current e-Tax Clearance Certificate

b. For Company and Corporate bodies;

  1. Company Tax Clearance (CTC);
  2. Tax Clearance Certificates for 2 (Two)Directors;
  3. Evidence of P.A.Y.E. returns.

vii. Clearance from other MDAs:

Letters of Clearance from the following Government Agencies duly certified (Where applicable). These include:

  1. Land Use and Allocation Directorate -All-State lands and Government Schemes;
  2. Land Services Department – For Governor’s consent and Subsequent transaction on landed properties;
  3. Ministry of Transportation -In case of Properties within the proposed Metro line corridor, traffic-generating activities;
  4. Ministry of Environment – Office of Drainage for Applications within drainage alignment, gorge, flood plains/water bodies, lagoon, shoreline, Environmental Impact Assessment Clearance e.t.c;
  5. Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority- Applications which fall within Urban Renewal Scheme Areas;
  6. Lagos State Surveyor General’s Office -Applications that fall within acquisition, revocation and excision areas;
  7. New Towns Development Authority- Letter of Confirmation of allocation and Capital Contribution.

viii.For Planning and Architectural Standard for the Designs-

Please refer to the following Documents:

  1. Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law;
  2. Revised 2019 Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) Regulations; (click).
  3. Model City Plans Approval Orders;
  4. Operative Approval Orders on Approved Layout Plans.

ix. The standard for the Designs Document : (click).

  1. Statutory Documents
  2. Design Standards
  3. Space Standards

x. As-built Applications:

An applicant shall submit Non-Destructive Structural Integrity Test (NDT) and Letter of Structural Stability signed and sealed by a Structural Engineer registered with the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN)

All developments above 3 floors shall be accompanied by 3-Dimensional Architectural drawings. 

C. Stages involve and Procedure for the e -Planning Permit.

Stage I: Registration on the e-Planning Permit Portal

  1. Log on to 
  2. Click register and input personal details, including email address, phone number,  names and gender (or click on login if you already registered).
  3. Note. An account is automatically created, with a link to email for a confirmation.
  4. Confirm account and log in.
  5. Note. Applicant’s Dashboard is generated.

Stage II: 1st Screening

  1. Click on “Start New Screening”
  2. Note. An Instruction Page pops up,
  3. Read the instructions and click “I agree” to continue or “disagree” to discontinue.
  4. Note. A Pre-Screen Form pops-up for filling of application details and site location.
  5. Complete the form and Submit: ensure that you have your Payer ID (if you have been paying to the Government before) if not collect it from the bank.
  6. Note. Reference/Screening No.e.g  (IKJ/ePPID/2016/2) is generated.
  7. Click on “uploading of documents”
  8. Upload (i) Architectural Drawings, (ii) Title Document and (iii) Survey Plan.
  9. Click ‘submit’.

Stage III: Part-Payment

After submitting your documents for screening,

  1. Note. You are prompted to pay a part-processing fee of N10,000:00 (Ten Thousand Naira only).
  2. Note. Screening and Mpay Reference Numbers are generated for payment.
  3. Click on “Proceed to make Payment” using either the Debit Card, Internet Banking, or POS.
  4. Select Bank or use a Credit /Debit Card for payment and click “Continue”.
  5. Complete the Payment Form and then click “Continue to Proceed to Pay ” using the Mpay Reference Number received through the email to make payment via Internet Banking, POS Terminal or at Bank Branch.

Stage IV: Payment Validation

  1. Enter Mpay Reference Number and click on “Validate”
  2. Note: The Lagos State Government Electronic Banking System (EBS)-RCM Platform pops up for payment, showing: Personal Information, Revenue Details, Payment Details, Revenue Code etc.
  3. Note: The system generates Lagos State Government Treasury Receipt after payment.
  4. View Application on the platform, then click on “Continue to Confirm Payment”
  5. Input Screening Number and Receipt Number to confirm Part Payment and click “Submit”.

Stage V: Site Inspection

  1. Check email for notification of:
  2. Note: Successful payment of part processing fee
  3. Note: Successful screening of Documents or comments for amendment
  4. Note: Invitation for Site inspection
  5. Note: Request to upload the Engineering Drawings (where necessary) and other documents, after a successful site inspection and screening of Architectural Drawing.

Stage VI: 2nd Screening

  1. Upload Structural Drawings (for 2Floors & above), Mechanical & Electrical Drawings (for 4 Floors & above) and other relevant documents for screening where applicable.
  2. After a successful screening of all Engineering details and other relevant documents, you will be informed of successful screening or comments for amendment.

Stage VII: Post-Screening Process — Balance Payment and Application Form

A. Check the mail for notifications on:

  1. Successful site inspection.
  2. Successful screening of all drawings or comments for amendment.
  3. If there are no comments, you will see Request for Payment of Balance of Assessment Fee (after deduction of the part processing fee of N10,000.00K). The amount assessed will be forwarded to your mail.
  4. Upload amended drawings and documents.
  5. Click or log in to the payment portal displayed on the mail with the applicant’s Mpay Reference Number to pay the remaining balance of the processing fee.
  6. Log in to the EPP portal – to confirm payment.
  7. Click “Confirm Payment”, enter the Receipt Number and click “Submit”
  8. Note: An Application Form is enabled for completion by the Applicant as required.
  9. Complete the Application Form.
  10. An applicant can check email and Dashboard for the status of Application (Stages) regularly.
  11. An applicant will be duly informed at the completion of stages of the application process.

Stage VIII: Collection of Permit

  1. Check email for notification of Permit collection.
  2. Print Permit Notification Letter and with 6 Sets of Screened Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Drawing duly signed and sealed by Relevant Professionals as applicable for endorsement.


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